metal wasp

Date: 2/5/2017

By heyitsjewel

Hey so this is my first dream i've had in such a long long time and i managed to remember it also, i was listening to an audio which helps you to dream and i kinda used the MILD method for this unfortunately it wasn't a lucid dream so i gotta use a different method for a reality check, i told myself i was gonna dream and stuff but i lost a lot of sleep cos i was oso concentrated on it i slept pretty late like at 1 so next time i'll go to sleep earlier so here's my dream it came 3/4 bits. i was in the kitchen looking for food, my sister was there, went into the cloak room, saw buns, grabbed a bun ate a bite out of it, then i heard this loud bee sound i think it was a hornet idk why but this hornet has been in my dreams for a long time and it's metal btw this insect was all silver. it started flying towards me, in my first dream (this one), then me and my sister started running upstairs, she managed to get away but this thing was still coming at me then i threw the bun at it cos i panicked, then i woke up cos i was so annoyed at this hornet. Then after a while i fell back asleep and the dream carried on by it was like a game like i had lives or something and it gave me another chance to have a bun and get away from the hornet, so i tried again, went to the cloak room, grabbed a bun, the first bun was gone because ofcourse i took the first one eating im not sure if i even got to take a bite out o it but this hornet came out of nowhere again, i freaked out and threw my bun at it and went to the living room and shut the door. This thing managed to slip through the side of the door where there's a small gap, and i got so annoyed i got a pillow and i was trying to kill this thing. again i got really annoyed and woke up even after waking up i could still hear it's annoying buzzing sound, btw i hate all buzzing sounds from insects. Then i was dreaming again, went back to the same dream, got another bun, hornet came out of nowhere, this time my house looked different, i was walked down this wooden hallway and i saw the hornet come out from inbetween the floor boarding and then my house went back to normal again since we don't even have wooden floor, then i grabbed a towel and actually started whipping this annoying thing, i finally hit it hard enough to break, then i realised it was made out of metal and the wires in the insect was sizzling, then i finally ate the bun in peace. So since i killed the insect i'm pretty sure it's never coming back but it managed to fly away or something but my dream ended, then i had another dream but i can't recall it now. anyway i'm happy i had a dream after ages cos i wanted to start a dream journal in order to start having lucid dreams.