Gross Food, Haunting an Old Friend

Date: 6/4/2017

By seascarlet

I was with a large group of people in a deli that looked like a cafeteria. I went up to get some food and had a bunch of stuff on my tray. Then the guy working the deli, an older Italian guy, handed me a small, soft white stick and called it some Italian word I can't remember, calling it out as though I'd ordered it. It was soft on the outside and harder and cold on the inside. I liked it. Then he said that he didn't mean to give me that, it was a stick of bread dough that had been thawing in the trash. I looked him right in the eye and took one more bite before I handed it back to him. I said it tasted alright and the only thing I won't eat is cottage cheese. Then I was walking across a grassy landscape with the group of people. Suddenly I took my phone and looked up the name of an old friend who lives far away that I haven't talked to in 12 years. Last I saw him irl he was heartbroken because he'd been in love with me through our entire two-year friendship. I had a crush on him as well, but didn't want to be his girlfriend in the end. Before he moved back to Memphis after college, he stared at me a long time, saying he was trying to memorize me. Then he asked when he'd see me again. I kissed him on the forehead and said "soon". I did get a chance to call him after that, but I never saw him again. He was a really good friend. I found his current number in the dream and dialed it, but hung up after one ring. I didn't want him to answer. I just wanted him to see my name in the call log, which in this dream world would happen, first and last name. I wanted to sort of just haunt him and maybe leave the ball in his court.