dream 3 inside a simulation like gta again but with coworkers and high school friends

Date: 7/25/2019

By tanots

inside the simulation again I was inside the house and waiting for Valeria and Manuel to arrive. Once they arrived, I noticed I greeted them without my pants and just my tshirt. I opened the door and told manuel that I greeted them both with just my tshirt and underwear on. We all went up the same gta simulation house. Then Kats was there, and there was a guy I know who is my classmate in college forgot his name. He was working on a translation of the certificate of some sort and was askin gme what the chinese sentence means. I told him you are asking the wrong person and asked him to ask Kats who is just sitting beside me. Then I was telling them that I got may certificate earlier in May 15 when its supposed to be received on September 15. The way I got the certificate is via the dream 2 I posted today. Somewhat the event changed insted of the normal assassination of the boss mob there, it was how I got the certificate early. Then the setting how to get the certificate got shifted to an gym swhere and the certificate is just hanging in the middle of the place. Wes was there who is Mindy’s husband IRL, he was talking to a random person and the dream ended there.