The zombie apocalypse

Date: 7/9/2017

By pandaitis

There was a machine or something that was going to spray dust into the air. The dust is green and when inhaled you have started the transformation from human into zombie. I don't know how but my group of survivors (mostly my family) know that the dust was coming and we use gas masks we survive long enough to get into a plane. Something is wrong with the plane and for some reason I must get off. As I exit the plane I know that I too will become a zombie. There is no point trying to hold off as long as possible so I take a deep breath and my lungs are filled with the dust. I then decide to write a note so if my group finds me I can leave them my last words. I go into a house. In the dream world I suppose it was my house because I see a small stack of note cards that I know are my moms. They have all been written on and so I must find the one with the most empty space to write my last words on. I finally find one and start scribbling out my moms notes so that if this note card is found my words will be seen. I am losing feeling as I scribble out the notes. I know that I am dying and becoming a zombie. I feel completely peaceful. And as I fade out of consciousness I think to myself " I finally don't have to fight." The note is now in my pocket and on it is written "remember me." Next my group drives into the area I'm at. It is one of those circular roads with houses surrounding the circle. They are in a bus and shooting some zombies that are stumbling out of the yards and driveways. They don't seem to find me though.