Hijacked Cruise Ship

Date: 8/31/2019

By Toriana

(I only remember this dream in pieces, and it’s not finished.) I was on a cruise with people who looked familiar but seemingly didn’t know me, at first I remember having a good time and calling my mom to tell her how well everything was going. At some point the boat made a stop and people with guns, knives, and drugs got on the boat. It was a mixture of men and women that all looked different ethnicities but were wearing similar clothing. They announced they were taking over the boat and everyone on board was terrified. They starting controlling what we could eat, where we could go, and who we could make calls to. Once they got control of the boat whoever was driving started driving erratically and super fast. The people who hijacked the boat were talking about purposely crashing into another ship. I couldn’t see any land, just water in all directions and the other ship they wanted to crash into. My dream ended with a group of people from the cruise stealing guns and trying to take the ship back from the hijackers.