Grandma driving

Date: 7/13/2019

By SpackEntertainment

First of all for some reason that I can't remember I had to spend the night at the new apartment of my best friends sister. I was sleeping in the bathroom which was very small. Then my dad came to pick me up. We walked down to his car and I sat down on the front passenger seat while my dad and mom sat on the backrow. I was confused and my 87 year old Grandma sat down on the drivers seat and started driving us home. It was night. I was scared af and we almost hit other cars. In the morning we arrived at a tiny airport. I looked at a little book that I had which said "find a way to annihilate the whole streetgang of -MY HOMETOWN-" Suddenly I felt something was pushing me down. I jumped out of the way and saw that a crane started dropping a GIGANTIC helicopter (size of a jumbo jet) on the airport. Then I woke up.