dark cloud

Date: 1/17/2017

By Buttler.pola

me and together with my are family are inside my house when my cousins came in were having fun but when my sisters and my boyfriend came out of the room i was left out together with my cousin then he raped me i tried to fight but i cant his to strong then my mother knock and came in his already standing while me covering my lower body with a pillow she didn't notice anything she took her perfume and get out of the room then i quickly wear my pants and run to my boyfriend and cried and he keep saying i know i know then a news came in that there will a dark cloud full of acid and we all look out we saw from the distance a dark cloud coming toward us, we didint panic we started grabbing our food and other stuff on the first floor when i notice my aunt are in the other building then my mom run out of the house to get her i followed her but she told me to wait there then i waited for a few minutes they came with a car i started running but i'm slow so i started crawling and got home then the scenery change were inside a mall there would be a concert but the dark cloud is still coming so i look around the place if there's any safe hous but nothing so i decided to go back when i got back the acid is already above us and there's still people outside i tould them to come back inside but tha mall is crowded already them an employee said were going to the safe house so everyone went to the same hous then i woke up