Glass coffin

Date: 8/26/2017

By Jadders

I was in this really huge house and two people who were me parents (but looked bothing like them), told me we was in a zombie apocalypse. They made me get into a glass coffing for my own "safety". As i was hiding out from the zombies my fake parents were roaming around scavening for food.. I could see everything in this glass coffin. People breaking into my house seeking for safety to then be ripped to shreds by various zombies. It could only be opened from the outside. I had a blanket and plenty of food inside the coffin. But I couldn't do any more than just lay on my back. Eventually someone found me. He asked home he could get in with me? I said stuff that you can have it. So we swapped. once the lid shut he then know he wasn't going to me getting out for a while longer now. I ended up chasing some one but they was only a shadow, there was no person around, which then lead to a mansion. i started walking through this masnison exploring as i lost the shadow. There wasnt another living person there, however there was pleanty of dogs. We the dogs soo me they turned agressive and wanted to hunt me down. So I ran and found this wall pallel up stairs that was slightly cracked open. I went in and had a look. It was a house inside of a house, but all hidden. I hid in this secret cupboard in the house up stairs.. But there was also windows, and when I looked out of them it showed that I was on the ground floor. I could see out of them but the people outside couldn't see in, they could just see walls. Even if I opened the window.