Digital art, A group of friends board a moving vehicle in Manhattan, filled with mostly female passengers who the dreamer immediately dislikes due to their perceived snobbery.

Geographically confusing

Date: 12/2/2022

By Purple

In my dream, I got word that a friend will help me move. It was last minute help, based on rental van availability, and will take place overnight. I hated that timing, but I’ll take what I can get. Scene changed: It was thanksgiving and my cat was dying. My friend Robert suggested we prepare my cat as the main protein for the meal. It felt so wrong on so many levels. Somehow I felt pressured to agree, though my insides were screaming. I kept crying and avoiding the rest of the guests. Hours later, I heard my cat meowing in the oven and my heart was breaking into a million pieces. Scene changed: I just had a blister removed by a doctor and he told me not to do any work, that I must rest…and if the wound bleeds, I must take myself to urgent care immediately. I didn’t tell the doctor that I was moving my whole apartment that night. I think the doctor was my ex boyfriend’s dad, who was a pediatrician in real life. Scene changed: I was waiting for the freight elevator in my old office building in Brooklyn. A lot of people entered the elevator after me. An ex boyfriend (Nick, 1996), a co-worker from my job in Boston (Richie the electrician), then another ex-boyfriend (AK). I almost asked AK to help me move. But he and I only exchanged neutral glances and had no other communication. Richie found out about my move and asked me to let him loan the van to someone he knows to run an errand. I told him no. He kept asking, giving the reason his friend needed the van. I said it was under my insurance and by the hour. I’m not going to pay for his friend’s convenience to do a good deed. What if she got into an accident or late in returning the van? Besides, the help I was getting was in the middle of the night. I didn’t like it, but it was all that was available to me and time was ticking to leave my old apartment sooner rather than later. I noticed it was raining outside and glad I had my umbrella. In one of the rooms in the building, I saw ad ad for a knitting group with one of my Florida friends (Donna) as the hostess. I asked if the group was still meeting. She was confused, thinking I had already gone, though I haven’t. She noticed an error on the sign and changed the info with her pen. Another friend (Linda) said she was also interested. Scene changed: I left the building and walked out with Linda and Donna. I was telling them that I was moving to a scary place. Donna thought it was a bad neighborhood. No, it was an affordable apartment on the upper west side of Manhattan. She knows that’s a safe and good neighborhood so couldn’t understand that I was being sarcastic. What was scary about the neighborhood was that everything is super expensive. Donna, Linda and I left the building in Brooklyn, but were walking down a different block that had a steep decline. Linda was in a bit of a hurry, so she quickly walked slightly ahead of us. She was in shoes not meant to walk quickly in. I was telling her to be careful, but suddenly she started slipping and fell in a puddle. But the puddle was actually a deep hole in the ground. The only things sticking out after Linda fell, were her shoes and her head. She laughed out loud, immediately seeing God’s message that she shouldn’t hurry. Scene changed: I was in a moving vehicle that seemed to be an extension of the Brooklyn elevator, but it was a bus in Manhattan and moving horizontally like a bus. It picked up and dropped off various passengers. The passengers were mostly female friends in groups of 2. I immediately hated them all because they all seemed like snobs to me. I even made a face after most of them left the elevator/bus. One of them noticed after they left the vehicle and kept trying to catch up to the bus to alert me that she was aware of the faces I was making. Dream ends.