Dream 03

Date: 6/10/2017

By Jpowell

From what I can remember I was driving/ riding around in a Nissan skylines the rain with Blase, Corey and I. I'm not entirely sure what we were doing. I was at the beach with Corey and Xena, I kept on seeing many people I knew. I saw Emilee o'Grady but I didn't say anything to her. Xena kept on running away so I had to keep on chasing her, as I was walking back to my stuff Emilee started talking to me and somehow we ended up back at my house. Shayley, Courtney Leslie and blase were all there. We were sitting in my room talking when Emilee decided to go and have a shower, as she shut the door to leave my room everyone disappeared except for Shayley, and the floor turned into a a mechanical moving space. Shayley then left and it was just Courtney Emilee and I in the room discussing politics.