First and Weirdest Lucid Dream I've Seen

Date: 4/11/2017

By Redbirds002

All the lucid dreams I've seen start out with them in lucidity but mine starts before. So first I was in my school eating lunch. I was eating one of those lunchable things but it was cheeseburgers. Mini cheeseburgers with lettuce tomato all of that. And I always eat ketchup only burgers. (Cause im a pansy) i took a bite and it was spicy so it must have had some type of spicy mustard on it (don't ask why I know this much detail on this one thing). Then I went to go get a drink of water from the fountain which isn't there in real life. Then I transitioned to a playground apparently it was by my house. I was waiting for the bus there which was weird. My friend was there and he dared me to do the monkey bars which looked intense for some reason. And I was like "hell yeah". I did them and it felt insane like a roller coaster. And I went to get a drink at the fountain which was also at the park for some reason. Then my bus came and I got on with my friend which doesn't ride my bus. I don't remember much on the bus except for sitting next to him and some girl. The home the bus took me to wasn't my real home but I knew it was mine. I entered and went to the garage for some reason. And there were men in black suits outside with crocodiles? They broke in through the garage and took me out. Then I "respawned" I then knew it was a dream. And I went outside and tried to think about them disappearing but that didn't work so I yelled it and whispered it but nothing worked. I then ran inside to the master bedroom. My grandpa was there and the crocodiles followed me, but when they came in the same room as my grandpa they turned into dogs. (Disclosure I don't like beastiality I personally think it's disgusting) then for some reason I started fucking the dog??? Then the dog turned into a 👌girl. Somehow I knew this would happen. I don't really get this. Then I woke up. Please tell me your thoughts.