Date: 7/7/2017

By TwentieToo

So I was the store with my friend and we needed to get candy, that was the main thing I needed to do in the dream. Our cart was already full of candy and things, but we were still trying to find one more thing. But then this guy, who reminded me of a person who I used to know, he's a bit creepy, kept wanting to talk to my friend. She was kinda scared of him and I kept protecting her from this guy. Then the second part of the dream was a bit minecrafty. No blocks, but it reminded me a lot of minecraft. We, me and some other people, were planting things. We planted them, then another group of people would plant them again. Each time, the dirt would fold over on itself and ruin the previous planting session. This just kept going and going. Then we saw an alligator. It wasn't a regular alligator, it was black and small. We were very interested in it for some reason, we were also a bit concerned too, don't know why.