Snow trip

Date: 2/22/2019

By Dreamberrie

I was at the snow and we were all skiing around. I went over and saw a really steep hill but was to scared to attempt it. After there were 5 of us sitting in a car waiting for others to arrive so we could leave the snow. A man came up to the back of the car and told me his name was 'Sanz Ferdinand'. I asked if he was sure he was in this car and he said he wasn't too sure but he thought so. I asked the driver to tell me the list of people and when he read out 'Sanz Ferdinand' I told him I had just met him. The driver turned around to pick him up but then just kept driving, leaving Sanz to run after us. He knocked a woman over as he ran. Soon I realised the car was headed to the super steep hill that I didn't want to attempt. Luckily we stopped right in the edge to mine and the rest of the back seats horror. We all got put and knew we had to sky the rest of the way. I put my skis on and watched for a little bit. I saw some kids going to the left where the drop was slowed into 3 sections rather than a virtual drop off. I followed them and half way down I saw a brother and sister that I had met earlier at Emma's house (previous dream) that had fallen over. I asked if I could help and the guy said no but handed me a small stuffed dog. 'This isn't real' I said to him but he responded 'that's what everyone always thinks'. Before I knew it the dog was moving in my hand and trying to like my face. It was a teeny tiny tea cup yorkie that I could fit in one hand. I skied to the bottom and waited for the girl to get down and handed it to her. She said it's name was Poppy and I told her that was my dog's name too and she told me she knew that because she had met her earlier. This was something I remembered as she said it.