Trying to Escape a Castle

Date: 9/10/2019

By obviouslyominous

i dont remember much more than the emotions i felt in this one but here is what i can remember I dont remember how i got there but i was in this gigantic castle. I mean this thing had tunnels, elevators, balconies, you name it. The entire dream took place at night, giving the entire inside just enough darkness that it made it easy to move around and hide but it wasnt pitch black. I know that i was trapped in this castle and the only way i could get out was if someone let me out. I couldnt just leave for some reason. i know i worked my way through the floors of this castle and if i ran into someone i killed them. I know this sounds like i was a villain in this dream but i can assure you i wasnt. I know for a fact i was being hunted throughout this dream. Im not sure why they wanted me but i do know it would not be good if i was caught. Which lead me to killing anyone who saw me. Most of the people i killed were guards. I remember being caught by the higher ups a few times. The Lord of the castle was a massive guy, dressed in a nice suit. Any time i would get near him either hiding or caught, killing never seemed to be an option. The only thought in my mind was to get away only. That i could not take this guy if he got serious. I remember that towards the end the castle had become fairly empty (probably do to me killing everyone.....) but all the higher ups remained, i had escaped multiple recaptures, and i was running out of options because no matter what they still had not opened any doors. i was standing in a room waiting for someone to come through the door so i could take them out but as someone came in, i realized it was not someone i could handle and i tried to hide at the last second. She saw me of course, which is when i realized that my capture was inevitable because the only people left were ones i could not fight. So i came out from where i was hiding and just stared at this lady with absolute anger and disgust. This quickly melted away when the Lord walked in, and all i could do was bow my head in fear. He said, “ Ah, dont worry about it, you did really well this round. We will be continuing your training.” I was put back in my collar and shackles and led away towards the tunnels, towards my cage. I have no idea what training he meant. and then i woke up feeling extremely anxious