The Biggest Fan

Date: 7/8/2017

By MasheenJr

I had a dream that I met Alanna Masterson and Brick Stowell at the mall. I said hi to them in the mall and then walked back to my car. I got in my car, put my wallet and phone down and then my perspective changed. I was another fan of theirs. I was saying to Brick that he is the luckiest man alive but I was still threatening them. I then changed perspectives back to my normal self but this time I was out of my car. I ordered dominos and could somehow track the order in my mind. Alanna and Brick both came out of their car and I was driving around in a beat up car, going to my car. My car was stolen and I had to drive home in order to beat the dominos order. For some reason, both Alanna and Brick wanted to know where my wallet was. When I got home, I found that my wallet was in my pocket, but my phone was in the car. I told my sister to pull up Find My iPhone and we were able to track it to a house. The dream ended there.