Spider Bite

Date: 3/10/2017

By kidglovs

I am crawling on my hands and knees on concrete through hallways of an apartment building. The hallways are exterior hallways. It is night time and the lighting seems to be coming from artificial lights (on poles or fixtures attached the walls of the building).The entire scene is compressed like the buildings are a scaled down version of a full size building. That's the reason I am forced to crawl. At every turn I run across a spider web with a huge spider at the center that is blocking my path. Every time I come across a new web, I turn back and go in a different direction. On one of the turns,, the spider web I come across is not completely blocking my path and I decide to try to crawl under the web. As I am making my way under the web, my head brushes against the edge of the spider web. The spider in the center immediately attacks me and stings me in the back of the neck right in the center near my spine. It's weird because spider do not have stingers. After it stings me, it crawls over to my right ear and forces its way into my ear canal. I can feel the pressure of something being shoved in my ear. In the next scene, I am with my mom. I tell her the story and I ask her to squeeze the stinger out of my neck like you would pop a pimple. She that and the stinger comes out along with a long vein/intestine looking thing. At the end of the vein there is a large mass of yellowish "meat" that looks like a placenta. Dream ends.