Don't go out without me :(

Date: 6/12/2017

By lissietn

it was the weekend after my birthday and me jevan eilidh and leah were planning to go out later. i was getting ready when i got a snapchat from leah of her and the pals at a party which i think was tom paynes. it really upset me because it was supposed to be my night :( and next thing i know i'm at the party and i'm so furious i'm confronting eilidh. she says they didn't invite me because there was a girl there who steals people's shoes and she knows how much i love my shoes. i wasn't buying it. jevan was reallly fucked up on ket so i got him to come for a walk with me because i thought i could get information out of him. we're walking around by the universe but jevan's so fucked up that he can't say words and i realise i'm not getting any info out of him. so i'm really furious and angry and i go home and storm in to get my headphones so i can go for a walk somewhere and just listen to sad music. but when i get home my mum brother, grandma and uncle are home and that really annoys me. my mum comes down and says that eilidh told liv i was upset and liv called my mum. this really annoyed me because i didn't want my mum to know i was upset. i went into my bedroom but it was like it was when i was 8. i sort of moved a few objects around and then my grandma looked in disappointingly. next thing i know i'm sitting down with my brother and one of his friends at a fire pit having a cigarette. it's obvious that my mum has just given him a really bad haircut because there's huge bald patches. she had cut his hair with a knife and there's even bits where she took some of the scalp off. the end