Inflicting pain

Date: 7/25/2017

By dreamsdontcometrue

I've been having they's dreams for a while now and there controlling my life whilst awake. Last nights dream. I kidnapped a lady a complete stranger took her to a basement and tied her to a massage table face down I shaved all her hair off took a box cutter knife and opened her up from her forehead over the top of her head down her neck and spine until I got down to the bottom of her spine I then got some tools and started extracting her spine discs like they were teeth once I had removed them all I then chopped her fingers and toes off and slit her mouth up to her ears. After I finished what I was doing and she was dying on the table I showered and went to a fancy restaurant and eat a banquet meal on my own. Every time I leave the house and see a lady her face automatically turns in to the lady I kidnapped in my dream I start becoming anxious and paranoid like people know what I'm thinking and like they have seen my dreams and are judging me I've become very insecure and unable to leave the house it's become so bad I've had to take time off work.