School, sex and jewels.

Date: 6/12/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

I was at school. There was the wife of Cuccu teaching us. I hadn't studied. I was trying to fill in a sheet of paper shaped like a train that she gave us. Eventually the sheet of paper ended up looking like a normal one. It asked strange questions about greek, life and grammar. She was mad at me because I hadn't studied. The place looked like a traditional university in America. I have been there for a while then I started wandering around the school. I have already been to this school. It's got a lot of windows and wide spaces. The walls are yellow. There was something like a party at a certain point. At this party I wanted to have sex with people. I entered a room which looked exactly like mine (still in this school) i started playing with something. It was to create cut outs of jewels and tiaras. I was trying to figure that out. While I was doing that i was bumping against someone's ass. I was close to orgasm. I never orgasmed in my dreams :( in fact when I was about to I dreamt of my mother entering the room and simply saying "oh, I'll leave you to your business". It went on for a while until I found a strange thing. It was like those pillows shaped like a "u" that they sell at the airport, but deflated, with some pockets at the ends and a weight in the middle. I figured out it was made to be carried on your shoulder. Then I found the stencil for a necklace of those, still questioning what should I do with that. The answers my sister gave me were even more confusing. I don't remember any further.