First football practice

Date: 3/10/2019

By $MrKrabzWalking

I don’t remember much from the actual practice besides doing a few drills, my legs felt really wobbly like they do in all my dream where it’s hard for me to stay on my feet. We all huddle together as a team and Messersmith tells us “we still have conditioning to do, we’ll do a light drill since it’s the first day” we had a yell then went to the locker room. The locker room was massive. It was furnished with couches and TVs. Nothing like our real locker room. A lot of the team gets in the shower and I look at them and ask “didn’t coach say we still have conditioning?” They just shrugged their shoulders. I was talking and a while later the coach walks in and he gets mad at Michael Harker for showering, then we get in a line and he checks for people who shower and gets mad at them. Luckily I didn’t shower. Then we walked in the gym and had basketball practice then I woke up.