Sea to space

Date: 7/13/2017

By HorizontalTwo08

I was in an ocean town here in AK. The water levels had lowered enough to see corals. One glowed a beautiful blue under the black light. The boat had a red hull. I became a fish hung out with fish friends. I was them abducted by aliens. I ended up getting on an alien 👽 spacecraft. I was mutated into a Humanoid with a helmet. To fight an infestation. The infestation was giant cockroaches. After I left I saw the other aliens eating the creatures and the fish I was. If I hadn't left I may have been eaten as well. I later encountered James the cat 🐱 on the ship and shot him with a nerf gun. This spacecraft looked a lot like Mimi's house but reimagined. To cats were under the desk In the kitchen. I was fighting the cats not an infestation. It was all my imagination.