Bread Horses??

Date: 8/27/2017

By Destalie

I was in the middle of two groups. To the left of me was Carlos and his group of friends. To the right of me was Amber and her group of friends. I started to walk towards Amber and then stopped when I heard arguing. Carlos was talking to a boy with brown hair when the kid screamed "does it matter, you hate your father anyways!!" and walked off. Carlos started to tear up and eventually cried but no one seemed to be able to see this but me. I wanted to comfort him but I knew he would just push me away so I walked towards Amber. She hugged me and just then I realized my eyes had been watering from frustration. She gave me a knowing look and continued to hug me. A girl broke up our hug and said something to Amber and me like "you two don't seem like just friends." I rolled my eyes at her and everyone started walking towards the stage. We moved into a single person line and somehow I got separated from Amber. Carlos was behind me and he still looked upset. We were reaching the front of the line and I decided to talk to him. I asked him what happened and he said a kid said something dumb, so I then asked him why he was crying if it was so dumb. He looked shocked and wiped under his eyes, but not a single tear was found. He told me he hadn't been crying and I became confused. I told him what happened from my perspective and he seemed to finally understand something. Now we were at the front of the line and the guy called my name. Carlos looked over at me and tried to brush me off by being happy, he said race ya, and took off running. I walked casually towards the other end of the stage like the guy told me and grabbed my card on the table. It had a blank spot for a name and the instructions told me i could name the horse myself. I scribbled Nafvaer down and a horse started to materialize infront of me. Before it had fully showed up, i jumped on it. It became a horse and it stood up quickly with me on it. I looked down and realized it wasn't actually a real horse, it was made of bread. I decided to take advantage of the situation anyways (who gets to ride a bread horse?) and ride him down towards a riding ring. When I got there I saw that some of the other people had real horses and I became offended. Why did they get real horses when I didn't? The lady waiting at the entrance of the ring seemed to know what I was thinking and she told me they had to make sure I was a good rider before they gave me my horse. I agreed and started to put on a show inside the ring. It was quite hard because the bread horse kept losing its balance. She told me to stop and that I had passed. The bread horse changed into a gorgeous dark red/brown horse and I now knew why I had to take that test. I could feel his muscles taught underneath me, ready to spring at the slightest que. I had gotten the most powerful horse they had. Wanting to show Amber, I started riding over to where i thought she would be. I assumed Carlos would be struggling trying to ride the bread horse (they give these to beginners) and Amber would be trying to help him. They weren't at the place where the horses materialized, so I didnt know where else to go. I could tell Nafvaer wanted to run so I decided we would have some fun outside the training grounds. We started at a trot and eventually broke into a full gallop. I felt how energized Nafvaer was and I knew I couldn't deny him the freedom that he wanted. I let him fully take control of where we could go and he took me into a desert far away from where we started. As I looked at our position on a map, I got a notification saying everyone had to be back in 30 minutes. I panicked because it had taken us about 2 hours to get here. Nafvaer sensed this and as I told him what to do he sprung into action. He was galloping so fast it felt like we were flying. We made it with 10 seconds to spare and I knew everyone was staring at us. We had just arrived and everyone else didn't have a horse and they were sitting in chairs around us. I jumped off Nafvaer and listened to his heavy breathing as I waited for instructions. No one said anything so I decided to cool Nafvaer down by free lunging him with my hand. He listened very well to my hand gestures and after a while he had cooled down. Everyone was whispering and still watching us. I can't remember what happens after this.