Digital art, A person dressed in Thanos' armor and wielding his sword, along with the Infinity Gauntlet containing only the Reality Stone, befriends the gems and Steven in the Steven Universe world, and embarks on a mission to find the other Infinity Stones which they claim are a part of them, culminating in using the stones to hurl a meteor at Homeworld to save their friends, until they ultimately decided to end Thanos' story and snapped their fingers, only to have the Soul Stone decide that they should live, prompting them to use the Space Stone to transport themselves back to Earth to defend the house.

SU part 1

Date: 8/5/2019

By diego.d

I was in the steven universe world and i had thanos' armor and sword with the infinity gauntlet with only the reality stone. I began to make friends with the gems and steven i said i have a mission to find the infinity stones i said they were apart of me. I also used the stones to throw a meteor at homeworld and save my friends but all good thing must come to an end and i snapped my fingerd and thanos' story had ended however, the soul stone decided it would be best for me to live. I then used the space stone to transport myself back to earth and defend the house.

AI generated interpretation In analyzing your dream, it is important to understand that dreams are highly personalized and can be influenced by a combination of personal experiences, thoughts, emotions, and unconscious desires. Below is an interpretation of the symbols and themes present in your dream: 1. Steven Universe world: This could symbolize a desire to escape reality and enter a world that is filled with adventure, wonder, and fantastical elements. It may represent a longing for a more exciting or meaningful existence. 2. Thanos' armor and sword with the infinity gauntlet: Thanos is a character known for his quest to collect the infinity stones in order to achieve ultimate power. This could suggest a desire for control or a need to feel powerful in certain aspects of your life. 3. Making friends with the gems and Steven: Friendship is a positive aspect of the dream and signifies a desire for connection, support, and closeness. It may indicate a need for social interaction or a longing for deeper relationships. 4. Seeking the infinity stones: This could represent a desire for something greater, a quest for personal fulfillment, or a need to discover hidden aspects of yourself. It may suggest a sense of ambition or a search for purpose in life. 5. Throwing a meteor at Homeworld and saving your friends: This action may symbolize a desire to protect and defend those who are important to you. It could indicate a need to stand up for yourself and others or a wish to overcome challenges or obstacles in your waking life. 6. Snapping your fingers and ending Thanos' story: This act of ending Thanos' story with a snap of your fingers suggests a desire for resolution or closure in certain aspects of your life. It may indicate a wish to gain control over difficult situations or to put an end to something that is causing stress or discomfort. 7. The soul stone deciding for you to live: The soul stone choosing for you to live could signify a message from your subconscious that there are important aspects of your inner self that still need to be explored or nurtured. 8. Using the space stone to transport yourself back to Earth and defend the house: The use of the space stone to return to Earth and defend the house could represent a desire for stability, security, or a need to protect your personal space or sanctuary. Overall, this dream may reflect a longing for adventure, power, and deeper connections, as well as a desire to overcome challenges and protect what is important to you in your waking life. It may be beneficial to reflect on these themes and consider what aspects of your life they may relate to, in order to gain further insight and understanding.