Cloud climbing

Date: 5/20/2017

By zachypoo

Fist we had a baseball game then we went going around town with friends and we stopped at this dudes house cuz his toaster was stuck in a tree so we helped him get it down but we had to be quiet cuz his parents were really strict I guess but they were chill when they came out, then I was at my gmas house and we had to stay over night and I guess Hannah and Ella and sed were staying over too so in the morning Hannah came to wake us up and she gave me a big hug and she said she grew 10 inches in college, I had a huge crush on her so I hugged her every time I saw her, then we went out to the school yard for something and then we saw Sam up in the Clouds. He was legitly climbing the clouds. He would grab a cloud and pull himself on it, or grab a little cloud and set it somewhere and use it as a step, then when he was really high up he fell but he snagged a cloud on the way down and he then slowly climbed down, while he was climbing down I got into a drag race with these old lady's in a ranger and they beat me once but I beat them the second time, then Sam came down and we all told him he is a dumbass for climbing clouds.