Date: 3/31/2019

By JoLand

My boyfriend and I got into a fight. I ran away from him and picked up a pin and the shape of a headstone. I keep going and I find a church where I can hide from him because I wanted him to want to find me. The church had a had two large fireplaces with things in front of them and people were inside the church. There was a small group of nuns who were singing and I hid with them as he ran past the church. One of the nuns grabbed me very tightly and pulled me into the center of their choir and wanted me to sing with them while I was hiding. She said afterwards that she did that so the priests could hear me sing to see if I had talent. I saw that they were wearing the same headstone pins that I had found earlier and I gave the pin that I found. Later on in the dream I came across this hulking monster who told me it was time to see the doctor. I looked to the man on my left and asked him for help, he put his hand into the ground and opened up a portal for me to jump through. After I jumped through the portal I could still see the monster man and he injected the portal with fluid and a creature came out yelling Master. The creature that came out of the portal said whose blood flows in my abdomen and his blood donor, I suppose, walked up from behind him and claimed to be his father and said that he was growing and he needed meat so he should eat up. The monster that just came out of the portal started to eat his 'father's' arm and it was suggested that he ate the entire father.