In a Hotel Room With a Pedofile

Date: 4/30/2017

By brook67890

So I'm not sure where the dream takes place, but most of my close friends were there. It was a beach and My friend A (not saying her name, and I got a hotel room and my moms was a few rooms down (NOTICE IT WAS SORTA LIKE A MOTEL) So, the motel rooms got crowded so they moved a guy in that was bald and tall and scary. Fast forward after settling down in our room he pushes me too a bed that was single sized and said "Are you on your period?" I was confused (my friend and I being 12 years old) I said yes because in real life I was and at least some of the dream had to be real. He didn't believe me so i lowered my underwear and showed him my pad. Then he went over to A, and tried taking her clothes off and then realized I was still there so he stopped and whispered "Well do it later" He winked and walked away. Then we left the room, not paying any mind that a 35 year old (or older) tried to touch us. After being at the beach we went to the bathroom in the motel, it was an all gender bathroom so A, my friend D (a boy) and my friend M (a girl), plus all their siblings(just not adults or parents) and I were in the bathroom peeing and changing. So I went into a stall and stood there making sure he wasn't looking through the stall after me, he wasn't. I looked to my right to see him opening the stall door to where D was. I saw D's bathing trunks fall and I never was so scared. After a little while the man left the stall and went into A's stall and I cried at the sound of my best friend screaming in terror. I got dressed as quick as possible leaving my other clothes behind, and started running towards the exit, to go to my mom. I saw my friend J (a girl) and she said "Your running too?" I said "Ya, from a pedofile" I said and kept running then she followed. I got outside and was confused where to go next so I ran towards the park and my mom was there with my brother, sister and her boyfriend. "MOM I NEED TO USE THE PHONE TO CALL 911!!!!" She slowly took the phone from my sister who was talking to her dad and hung up. "Why?" she asked. "There's a pedofile in my room!" She said "I know." (Now my mom would never just say that so that's confusing). "Give me the phone" (Before the whole pedofile thing happened in my dream, I lost my own phone in the dream) I took the phone and said "What do I say?" Everyone shrugged and looked at me. I said "GIVE ME AN ANSWER MY BEST FRIEND IS IN A BATHROOM STALL BEING RAPED!" I said as tears came down my face. My moms boyfriend showed me a picture of the top 20 most wanted men in america and he was number 14. His name was Tracy (I don't remember his last name). I dialed 811 on accident and Tracy swung open the door on the second floor of the motel and stood there looking down at us. My moms boyfriend, named B said "Tracy the cops are on the way to arrest you!" And Tracy said "Oh well, I already got 2 outta 3 targets anyway" I dialed 911 this time, and as soon as someone picked up.... I woke up.