Messaging a famous actor, and looking at old photos of friends

Date: 3/23/2019

By levinelover

Tiny from degrassi DM’d me back on Instagram, at first I thought he was asking for nudes. When I checked the message it wasn’t about nudes at all I think he wanted to hang out or something. I messaged him back a message that made no sense mentioning Angelee at the end with half structured sentences. I messaged him again apologizing saying it sent before I was finished typing and half the message wasn’t even meant for him. I was worried the weird message would make him stop messaging me. I saw old blurry photos of me with 3 of my guy friends, Brandon Lipman was one of them for sure and I think sean and Jeremy. I saw two other photos of me with 3 girls and another of me with 3 girls. In one we were sitting on a couch or something and another we were in the kitchen I think. One was this really tall Indian girl who used to be best friends with druggie Hannah in high school. We were in a house that kinda looked like the first floor of a proper house and a proper living room. I was in that house again messaging Tiny on Instagram, messaging him gave me a bit of anxiety and I overthought my words because I thought if I said one wrong thing he’d stop messaging me.