Back Ward

Date: 2/20/2017

By guido38

My father and I went to I guess to see my p.o because I guess I was in some trouble . The beginning is really fuzzy and why I don't know . But the cop that arrested me looked more like a mercenary . Guy was buff as hell . His uniform even looked more military than like a cop . He even had on like a jungle type hat . With a forty five pistol and a machete on each leg ..... Didn't say anything to me he just put a ankle monitor on me before he cuffed me ...... Then I arrived at this place that looked nothing like a prison . It really looked like a commercial real open almost even luxurious building . It was odd I was locked up with chicks and dudes . One girl grabbed me by the arm as to walk with me she said her name was little Jon . Then she went to go with some other girls whom were standing in the distance . I was just walking around in this spread out hallway . Passed some rooms that looked like dorms . Kept going . Then I saw these flashing lights as I passed this one room it looked like it could of been a dance floor . Next I passed a clown at a street vendor selling cotton candy and on the other side of it at the end of the hallway was a gift shop . I remember saying to myself something to effect of This place don't look too bad and then being like alright so I'm going to be here for how long . Then I remember thinking to myself about making a phone call before I woke up .