Date: 1/24/2019

By Ymewto

I was in the car with one of my teachers they were driving and then got sidetracked and were about to crash into something so I made a dimensional portal in front of the vehicle and we teleported past said object and then this happened a couple of more times. So I felt that the driver wasn't able to control the vehicle safely and I said to the 15 seater car you take over and the 15-seater obeyed. We ran into the lone ranger and he appeared to be quite upset. So ask him what's wrong. He said it was the day his father died and he wanted to visit his father's grave but couldn't find it so I said I'd help. The van somehow crossed dimensions and time to end up in the year Armada 21. things looked a bit odd because they were different than our universe so the next task was to figure out how to get back to ours. This didn't go very easily in fact we managed to get to a bunch of other universes and never back to ours. One of the universe is we ended up in was Transylvania the person we met or being was not Dracula they seem to be extremely fascinated with the camera especially since I showed them how it worked and how it could print pictures right away.