Robbery (Again)

Date: 3/25/2019

By richellebucks

I had a dream that I was walking home, and this blonde lady I know from my block was in the building. We went to the elevator together with a few other people and we went to the 6th floor, which was weird because if she comes inside my building, she never goes to the 6th floor. Then when I was walking to my apartment, she was following me and I was really weirded out, but didn’t think much of it because she was a nice lady. Well, she saw there was a key inside the lock on the door, so I guess someone left their keys in my door and the lady was able to open it. She went inside and went to steal my stuff. I didn’t go inside my apartment, even though I had the keys, because I was scared. I called the police and told them that someone was robbing my apartment, I told them my address, but quietly. I went downstairs to the outside of my building and my friend Jeremiah was there. I was waiting for the police and my friend Jeremiah was telling some story, even though I just told him my house was getting robbed. I guess the cops heard wrong because they never came, and Jeremiah didn’t care about my apartment getting robbed. He then told me that my arms looked really skinny and that it looked disgusting, and my feelings were really hurt. That’s when the dream ended.