Colorful Explosions

Date: 7/7/2017

By SimpleSunshine

So I had this dream and I believe it started with the graffiti. So I'm in my house and I hear a commotion from outside. So I go outside to the back deck. My neighbor's house is covered with graffiti. Her oldest daughter is outside looking at it. Then someone runs out the house and jumps on her back. At first my family and I thought she was being attacked. But my neighbor explains explains that it was her friend. Then her and my mom engage in a conversation. My mom then explains to me that their daufhter thinks it's directed towards her. She had just broke up with her boyfriend, and he was kinda crazy. So we all went back into our house while my neighbor began cleaning the graffiti. The next morning, everyone's outside again. Now my house is covered in graffiti. My mom and her boyfriend are pissed. I'm kinda excited and in awe by the art work. As we're all trying to figure this out, BOOOM. BOOOOOM. All of a sudden we are hit by multiple colorful bombs. Paint dust is all in the air. They weren't thrown close enough to hurt us, but enough to splatter paint everywhere with colored smoke. It scared the hell outta of us. Of course I thought it was cool afterwards. Then throughout the dream, we're just trying live our lives but color bombs still continue to explode around us. So we gather my family and our neighbor's family and we decide to go investigate the daughter's ex. We get to the restaurant where they work, and there has to be at least 5 of him. I thought nothing of it in the dream. I just figured he had 5 identical brothers, I guess. 😂 But as we talk to him, they all talk at the same time. I don't remember what they really said. But we realize it wasn't him, so we go back home. The rest of the day I end up home alone. I'm just watching T.v. and eating cereal, when I blackout, and I'm now in a room tied to a chair. I was surrounded by my neighbor's ex. For some reason his name is Steve apparently? And he started interrogating me for some reason. Again like I said he was crazy. He leaves the room and when he comes back in color bombs explode everywhere! He suddenly disappears into the colourful smoke, and my brother's hot friend (who isn't actually a friend of my brother in real life, it was Ryan Gosling 😂) reveals himself from the smoke. All the Steves were on the ground beaten by him. He basically rescues me and tells me stuff like "Oh thank God you're okay!" So we called the cops and went on with our lives. We thought the color bombs would stop but nope. They continued. So my mom sent me to my aunts house, who lives like 2 hours away, in hope of keeping me safe. Which it did...for like a week. One morning I was making toast and it blew up, yet again was it a color bomb. There were so many explosions, that I got sent back home again. So we continued to deal with it, cleaning up the mess afterwards. Some left stains. One day we were sitting on my front deck, just talking when suddenly we see my brother's hot friend stand in the middle of the street a couple house down. BOOOOOM. BOOOOM. BOOOM. BOOMBOOMBOOM. Bombs explode one by one down the street, and the entire street is consumed by pretty pastel smoke. And the dream end there. ♡