Not Magic And Not Harry Potter's Story.

Date: 4/8/2017

By Fitful

There was a boy, a little fat boy living in an apartment building by himself. It wasn't well known he was by himself, but no one really paid attention that well to others living there. Anyway his father had died, been arrested or killed by the cops, and he was out for revenge. I was a little girl who was his friend, often I was him. Finally after many failed attempts (because he really wasn't that smart) he did manage to kill someone. The cops even came and questioned him, on the association with his father, but dismissed him easily. He found a kitten wandering the halls and we played with it. It had a harness (red) like someone had been about to take it on a walk. Then he went back to his cop baiting. All he had to do was go down to the lower levels, apparently no one was allowed down there. Cops patrolled. He pulled the same trick twice, where as they pulled him aside for questioning he gave unsatisfactory answers and then hid in the engine of another cop car as they drove away. The second time didn't go as well, he ended up having to steal a car and he drove not far about 5 minutes before he crashed it and died. --- I was able to get out of some dark place, a building which was in the ground. It might have been the same apartment building as before with the boy. But when I was finally above ground standing on grass, the world was in chaos. The city was being destroyed by some great force, a twister, or something else more dire. It seemed like war, not nature, which did this. Anyway a whole building was flung up into the air, most of the city was, I mean this was a great upheaval. An entire wall, fully intact flew at me. I literally envisioned my death, it would completely crush me, my tiny body found in the rubble days later. Perhaps I would have died instantly or hung on for a while. Perhaps I would have lasted to recover. All the outcomes flashed in the moment when it came at me. But when I opened my eyes, it hit to the left of me. I didn't even feel the impact. --- Suddenly my mom shows up and we're driving fast in a red car. She pulls over to this long row of payphones, there are at least of 12 just lined up in a row on a street corner like bus stops but closer to the curb. In fact so close she just rolled down my window and pulled a phone out and used it right there. It had a long black curly cord and the silver buttons like pays phones do. I stared at it as if I had never seen one. It felt like so unfamiliar, as if I just didn't know what it was, when I did know but it was just so bizarre. I asked her what they were and she explained like I was a child who was brand new to the planet. She did so quickly dialing and making a call. --- I was in a boarding school with a friend of mine, another boy a bit chubby but this one nice and quiet. We were pleased to be there a bit, but hungry. It felt like we were poor. We got a loaf of bread to share and were eating it in a cafeteria, the rest of the cafeteria remains blurred the whole dream. I called up my old nanny on the phone and asked her to come by. She was eager to do so and came immediately. I hugged her and she was so sweet. We hadn't seen each other for years and it was nice. I think my family had died and I was an orphan, the familiarity of her was comforting. I gave her my portion of the loaf of bread and she took it until the boy hissed at me and she caught on it was my only food. She refused to take it and I expressed wanting to give her something and having nothing to give. --- But later two adults are talking about us, the stand far enough away so we can't hear and my perspective is right in between them. The old woman in a world gray hood hisses at a taller man I can't see because of my close proximity (dream omnipotence) to them. He asks "why we brought them here" in reference to us kids sitting at the table eating. "When they are so clearly miserably." he adds. The woman stares forcefully up at him. "We go to Westchester. " Actually that is inaccurate what she said was a last name in reference to both children but I can't recall it, I don't know if I ever knew it, I just understood what she meant. She meant that their family, upper echelon rich upper crust, always went to the best school. (her opinion) But it seemed to mean more than that, she seems with her eyes trying to convey a secret she couldn't say aloud. A message about why they went to Westchester. Like some secret society legacy thing. She repeated it four times. "We go to Westchester." "We go to Westchester. "" we go to Westchester." The man sighed and agreed. --- I was a young man, and I suddenly became king. I think I was still in high school for a bit of it, but the school eventually faded into a palace. Anyhow I put the teacher who was cruel to us in the corner a a dunce. I made him doing something stupid all the while, something gross like shit in the room right there or something. I had a queen and I recognized I was her too. But we were legitimately king and queen, this wasn't play acting, and there were servants and our feet never touched the floor. My queen got tired of being in the class room and wanted to move to the couch in the living room. Servants quickly got this white platform and we were moved. Our feet never did touch the ground. She and I were much amused by this, like it was a private secret between us. Our eyes kept meeting across the room as we smiled. Maybe we were play acting a bit, but just to two of us, the rest were dead serious about us being touched by the gods and made royal.