Impossible Seduction 🐋

Date: 8/14/2017

By brookethegreat

I was walking by a courtyard and saw a bunch of people playing music. One of them was a guy I keep forgetting to text back irl, so I started walking toward him to talk and apologize. But before I got to him I ran into an old roommate. Her personality was totally different - we weren't that close when we lived together but now she was acting super friendly. She invited me to this small get-together at her place. She said it had something to do with BDSM, so idk why I went, but I did. It turned out weirder than BDSM. Her house was this crazy mansion with a creepy crypt/basement that reminded me of an MC Escher print. There were maybe 8 people there - the two of us, a few other girls and a guy that looked like James Marsden. Essentially what we were there to do was some sort of seance-like thing where we would enter the spirit world and solve problems. The first one we tried was an exercise called "Impossible Seduction" that involved whales. Maybe to help us visualize because this was a beginner exercise, we had an elaborate model of a ship and a figurine of each whale. Most of the whales were white and kind of small, but the one male was bigger and grey and straight up crazy looking. He had wings like a manta ray and all these floaty antenna/tentacle/horn bits that went up. He looked like something out of a Miyazaki movie. He was beautiful. I must draw him. There were also some small red and blue whales. It wasn't totally clear what their purpose was or why they were colored like that, but they were the ones we weren't controlling. Old roommate put the whale figurines in a tub of water, and then we did the thing, entered spirit world, and became whales. It was a beautiful scene - just clear grey ocean and countless whales floating along. It was very peaceful. We had to hook up the male whale with one of the females to help the species out. We succeeded and then we were back in the basement. The next mission was to help these three creepy children not get themselves killed while playing hide and seek. Their parents (the seekers) were frozen in time somehow, so they just had their hands over their eyes but they were out of commission for hours. The kids reminded me of Lock Shock and Barrel from Nightmare Before Christmas, so maybe there was some sort of demonic force at play? The exact situation was less clear-cut than the whale one, but here's my best guess as to what was going on: there were people somewhere doing the same spirit world thing we were, but evil. They had frozen the parents and were trying to control the kids and get them killed, then we came in, so both spirits were battling inside the kids. We knew we had succeeded when the parents unfroze and came to find the kids out in the garden. The last one was just a two-woman job. It was your classic unfinished business ghost situation - these two ghost sisters needed to be reunited. We went back in time to when they were living (this whole spirit world thing seemed to be outside of time) and made sure our spirits were in them when they died. Then when we came back to our world their ghosts came with us. They peeled out of our bodies, held hands and floated up and away. It was heartwarming.