Balcony Bees

Date: 2/13/2017

By Terri85

I looked out a window or door to see a young boy standing on the edge of a balcony. He was balancing with his toes hanging over the edge. I walked out onto the balcony and stood to the left of the boy. There were no rails. It was uneven textured concrete and stone floors and walls like that of an old building (maybe a castle of some sort). I wanted to take the boys lead and step up on the ledge. I was nervous. I stepped up and down testing the edge a few times. The boy turned his head to look at me and smiled slightly (No words exchanged). It was comforting maybe? I stepped up on the ledge of the balcony slowly looking over. The boy turned and ran inside shutting the door behind him. I looked back down and two lions are walking towards the building. The are under me playing. They notice me and start to try to jump to reach me swiping with their paws. Their reach is within a foot! I gasped and jumped back off the ledge. When I gasped the lions (No manes, either lioness or cubs) made a high pitch squeal sound. They did not seem threatening but I thought they would hurt me on accident if not on purpose. I turned to hurry to the door behind me. It was a fancier set of heavy double doors with decorative handles and hinges. It was locked! The boy had locked me out. I took off down the walkway ledge on the side of the building walking fast but quiet. I did not know if the lions would chase after me finding a way to get me. I was barefoot and the ground was uneven like walking on rock (like concrete with sand and stone-not sharp). I thought why did he lock me out? A test to see how I'd react maybe? He has experience here and I don't! I'm tiptoeing coming up on a turn. I'm almost to the wall where I'll continue on the ledge by turning right. I looked down and noticed hundreds of tiny holes with hundreds of bees buzzing and crawling in and out of the holes. They come to the top of the hole and then crawl back inside repeatedly. I know I must not disturb the bees. The only way to get by is right through them. I try to avoid the holes while being quiet. I slow down some but not much. I'm walking at a normal pace now trying to keep balance on the uneven floor. Pieces of gravel crumble beneath my feet into the holes. No reaction from the bees thank God. There's no rail and I don't want to fall off the ledge. I can no longer see the lions under me but I know they're there. I looked back down the walkway to where I started and see another person, possibly blonde with their hair in a cloth hat wearing maybe leotards standing at the doorway looking at me in approval and wonder. Their hands were on their hips. I thought they want to know what I'll do next. I could turn around and go back. The door is open and I know it's safe. But I don't. I keep going through the bees. I turn to go faster away from the person staring. I turn the corner too my left. It's a short ledge. I stumped my foot. I start to take off. I turn once again - left - keeping close to the wall. I see a wall within fifteen feet ahead. Dead end. No! I see a door to my left. The bees all land on my back simultaneously. Hundreds of bees and I'm only stung twice. I refuse to thrash. I make it to the door and have my hand on the knob but I don't go in. I need to get the bees off. They are not attacking - just clinging. I can feel them. Why are they not attacking? I wake up.