Escaping a collapsing building

Date: 5/10/2017

By essdea

Dreamt last night that I was having an evening office meeting in the top floor of what I knew was the citi tower. It looked different (more akin to gherkin) - with glass walls and tall glass ceilings. Even the floor towards the side were transparent and made of glass. I could see the traffic below my feet. I brought out my phone to take a photo of the glass floor. Suddenly the floor started to tilt, and the glass walls started to shatter. There reason was not apparent- there was no explosion. It was sudden but not noisy or chaotic. People started running. I distinctly remember thinking in the dream "this is when I die- this is happening". I was dumbfounded, but only for a moment. I kept my calm, and made my way through the stairs. Couple of flights down, I realised all the glassy top floors have crumbled. But the brick and mortar floors were still standing. I was barefoot and got pieces glasses stuck in my feet. I came all the way down. There were ambulances around but not as many people. I didn't look back at the building, and was walking away from it. Saw an old friend (dhuti) around - she asked what had happened. That's when it fades. I was surprisingly calm. As if it didn't matter if I lived or died. But I did want to live. [ I had a feeling before going to bed last night that P is back with V and it is working out for him this time. I just wish it stabilised. As long as they are on unstable grounds, I can't help but thinking I could have him back. Though funnily enough, I feel sometimes that l want him back for the sake of it. Good that at least I am not waiting for him. And this mild longing shall pass too. With time. ]