The Universe Loves Me (lucid)

Date: 1/20/2017

By LucidSeer

I flip backwards out of my body multiple times. One after the other. I'm able to see super vividly and clearly, and I'm rubbing my hands together to help with staying there longer. I keep popping back into my body, but keep flipping out backwards. Reorienting myself makes me pop back out of my body each time. One time I come back as a woman and ask the baby if it's mine. At the last time I choose to stay with the dream scene a bit. I remember talking with two young ladies or older girls about this and wanting to fly out into the giant sky. It's VERY windy and massive. One of the girls won't let go of me so I can soar outwards. I keep saying, "the universe loves me." Then I'm suddenly on the ground by a tree, with some drunk homeless guy pissing on my head and stepping on me. I quickly get up to run inside and clean myself up. I feel embarrassed. WTF?