different world

Date: 7/9/2017

By amornoir

I was at a neighborhood party with some friends and family. I sat down on the couch with my twin cousins, talking about wanting snacks and such. Than i noticed something that seemed off. I realized that i was in a different parallel universe which i wasn't living in the right one. I get up, calling for Rick. He was in the kitchen as I slapped his face trying to wake him up and stop being drunk. He asks what the hell is wrong as i tell him that we weren't in somewhere right. He than realizes as well as we walked down the patio and back inside. We try to find out how to travel back to our world. Time skipped to me in the road with a friend named Jaime, as we drove off into a office room. We were looking for a certain paper as a man enters, trying to flirt with me. Jaime steps up as he tells him im taken by him as he hugs me tight.