Philosophy On Demand

Date: 4/17/2017

By incurableflame

I wasn't gonna write this dream down cuz it's so brief and dumb, but all I remember in my dream was that philosophers became employed in "Citizen's Information" or like a "Help Desk" as civil cervants of sorts. And people of all types were queueing up in this office to talk to these people with degrees in philosophy (possibly other fields, but majoring in this one) in these booths that looked like a bank or post office of smth. People were basically queueing up to ask questions on problems they were having, basically what's the "right" thing they should do in a situation, how to make a more informed & wise decision. None of that Kantian nihilism bullshit though. These were the disciples of ancient Greece. And they swiftly helped people by providing... advice. And the office was OVERCROWDED. I was in the queue. I had no idea what I was gonna ask, I may have forgotten.