Date: 7/1/2017

By km183

Meeting Tom at a charity event He get's setated next to you. Introducing him-self to you. Because not recognizing who you were. Nervously, you give out your name as he takes you're hand and snakes it. For a moment before everyone is finally sered. You and Tom talk briefly to one another. You already knowingly him as the actor, trying to keep the fangirl in. You act shyly towards him. He notice this but continues as he finds you very interesting. The diner begins and specifically made dishes are handed out. Tom looks over and finds you two orders the same thing. You two continued to talk, the course continues and more dishes. He asked if he could try one. You turn to grab a spoon and turn back to find him sitting closer. His arm wrapped around the back of you're chair, leaning in a little. With blush now on you're cheak you look down and spoon a little tiramisu. Intentionally going to give the spoon to him. "Here, try this. You'll love it..."  He takes the coffee soaked cake into his mouth. Starting into my eyes as he did so. But silly enough, does it in a rather odd fashion. Making me giggle like the young girl I was. "What? Why are you laughing?" He joked and laughed with me. I simply shook my head with the biggest smile. 'Mr.Hiddlston had got me' as he always did. I proceeded and went forward and lightly punched his noes. He then gave me a odd look as to why I would do that. I took it as my que to turn away as I was totally embarrassed and felt that I did something wrong. We had finished our meals in silence. I thought I had really ruined the night. But just as the music starred. I was planning on leaving when He came to me and asked for a dance. I couldn't deny him. As we took the floor I nervously said "Tom. I'm sorry but I'm a terrible dancer.." He came forward once more "Just let the rhythm take you."  He smiled at me And spent the night dancing until I could no longer stand.