Don't know

Date: 3/20/2017

By ivielee

I was in class and we were doing something and I didn't do the assignment right and the teacher called on me and I tried explaining what I wrote on my paper but it was all jumbled and looked like a mess but I remember writing it down but everyone was staring at me and we were being excused to leave the class so I was taking all my colored pens and organizing them and picking them out to take home to work on assignments with and no one talked to me and Erika and the teacher didn't believe that I did the work when I really did try and I was walking around the campus and my backpack was strangely heavy and a concert festival thing was starting and it was a stadium and it looked like Coachella and people were sitting around on the grass and it was all these people I used to go to school with and I didn't sit with my friends because they didn't want to hang out with me after the classroom thing or I wasn't sure why and so I found other random people to sit with so I found this one guy I don't remember who he was but he went to LCHS and he tried hitting on me so I got up to leave and he was following me and I felt someone grab me and whisper in my ear "I don't know what you're looking for but I'm it" or something along those lines and I pushed him off thinking it was the other guy but it was Julian in and I said sorry and I thought it was the other guy who found us and sat in between us and kept trying to make a move on me and rose was sitting in between us too but next to Julian and I kept staring at Julian and catching him looking at me and the guy tried to touch my leg so I stood up and moved next to Julian and said please stop you're making me uncomfortable and we were sitting there watching the concert and it was a weird venue that looked like a stadium but it was like Coachella and I could see my friends sitting on the grass but I stayed next to Julian and some drunk guy with a bottle came up to me and was singing and burped in my face and Juan from LCHS sat next to me and asked me something and I said be careful that guy might burp in your face and then me and Julian started to hold hands and he kissed my cheek but a random girl came out of nowhere and said hey I found you and disregarded me and he basically choose her and walked away with her so I sat there really sad and the music got sad so I got up and left and I remember people staring at me and I was wearing Cami's leggings and walking out of the stadium up these super steep steps and I heard two Asian guys behind me talking about taking me home and I turned around and they were staring at my ass and blatantly said how hot it was and I saw one of them filming me so I took their phone and tried deleting it but I couldn't find it so I threw it in the big Lake or body of water and they ran off to find it and I was freaked out so I ran back down into the stadium and I saw Sarah Lawrence and I said "Sarah please help" and she stared at me all weird and I said "I'm sober!!!" And one of her friends heard and stopped her so she came up to me and I said "I know what happened was weird but I'm sober and I can explain" and she waited for me to explain but no words came out and I said the wrong thing and I woke up