happy bday Mr mildown

Date: 8/19/2017


we were all were going a play it thing and I oped the bottom of it excited. everything fell out onto my legs. then it was life size and we were in the air on a all platform. xander was there and we had been watching this thing about a man tryin to get onto a palace but the tried to do it by going through the summer palace first.thw guards shot this person down and ten Xander confessed to my he wanted to try iawaska in case he was missing an experience. wee about to watch scary movie two when Bryan and Meg and I were told to go over to Melissa, Meg had a new haircut and it was slilver as she went on a date and this guy had cut off all his long hair and died ginger then they did hers. anyway when crossing the road there was a plane show and a flower was formed in the air then it was scooped up by another plane and flung around then it turned into a man in a massive flower shaped balloons. then a a man-my boss max came down the road in a car shaped as a flower and Mr mildown started to cross the road and happy birthday came on and we sung it for him and he cried so much bc nobody really remembers his birthday. the end