Trapped behind an invisible wall

Date: 4/9/2017

By dreams11217

The dream began with me and my friends being captured by three men in long, dark cloaks. Instead of acting afraid, I constantly kept asking them questions. They took us to a ledge overlooking an ocean and I almost slipped. That's when they told me that I wouldn't be useful for their expirament and let me go. They took my friends up through a tunnel above the ledge and left me there. I took my chance when they left to go back. I walked through what looked like a portal. I saw my house and ran to it. No one was there. I saw my aunt and uncle leaving. I was walking towards the neighbor's house when I noticed a lot of children with their hands on an invisible wall. I realized that they must have been captured by the men and couldn't escape. I heard a little girl lauphing and saw my neighbor's little girl. She told me that her grandmother wasn't there. I looked behind me and saw the men taking two children so I told the little girl to run. We ran down the street as fast as we could. Just as we made it to house with people, the men were in front of us. They took the little girl and stabbed me.