Will Farrell and a bunch of celebrity’s

Date: 2/11/2019

By c0ryp1

Dreamt I was walking to wait for the bus outside of the mall in my home town. As I was walking two men yelled at me to get my attention and when I turned around it was will Farrell and John Travolta they wanted to stop me because they needed to lean to walk with a certain swagger or some shit and said that they wanted me to teach them and more cast members my walk. At this point I asked if he was will and I called John Travolta, Justin Timberlake he did not look to impressed by this and corrected me like he was a big deal which will thought was hilarious. Dream fastforwards to some apartment and in side there are tons of celebrity’s. sitting at the kitchen table was a dirty blond woman and a brunette who introduced themselves as the coach from mighty ducks(don’t recall a female coach in the movies lol) and the chick from cruel intentions. Barbra Streisand was cooking something in the kitchen. I told them I will teach them to walk but first I wanted to get some pictures for my wire but then my phone started screwing up and non of the apps that I wanted were there I was looking for camera but it was not there I eventually found the messages app but when I turned the camera on the screen was all fucked up black and weird staticky colours were all it would show. I must have taken a long time playing with my phone as every one was no longer in the kitchen living room. Started walking to the back of the apartment where the bedrooms were and everyone was split between the 2 rooms. Will and john were sleeping beside each other in the same bed lol I was trying to wake them both up but only john was awoken easily he kept trying to wake up will but he was just mumbling some funny shit (just remember laughing not what he actually said). Finally he woke up and we were in the living room again I said I have to call my wife and let her know where I am but when I turned on my phone I got the 10% warning and then it died right away. Will pulls out his phone and asked her number so he can call her for me who i can hear freaking out on the speaker cause will Farrell just called her. I was awoken from my alarm clock at this point and never got to teach them to walk. Jokes on them I have no swagger lol thanks for reading my strange ass dream they have been super vivid lately but I have not been able to achieve lucid ness in any yet