Someone's Coming

Date: 2/22/2017

By katjbooson

A teacher at my school has been murdered, and my mom was convinced it was a group of students at my school who did it. I wasn't so convinced, I thought she was crazy. A few nights after the murder, I was home alone. Everything was fine until a lot of the lights in the house stopped working. I assumed power outage, but a few obscure electronics still worked. I started getting a bad feeling, and freaking out. My phone had mysteriously broken, so I couldn't get ahold of anyone. Suddenly, I heard the sound of a walkie talkie downstairs, with my mom's muffled voice calling my name. I rushed to it and picked it up, "Mom?" "Oh my god you're alive thank God are you feeling okay?" "Yeah Mom why, what's going on..." "Okay...I was right, it was those kids. They killed that teacher, and now there's word that they're coming for you next. Don't panic, but you need to call the police. Now. Call someone and get out of the house. Someone's coming." The last thing I remember is crying frozen on the stairs and hearing person sounds from downstairs in the kitchen, and then I woke up.