Stranger things, Plus my mom was a pedophile?!

Date: 7/16/2019

By so.phia

These dreams are a little hard to make sense or get in order but I will try my best. In the dream I was friends with some of the main cast of stranger things. We would hangout and I remember them being in my kitchen and being a little tired of a long day of interviews and all that. I was the only one that was hyper because I was not doing that. At one point we were all at Ross shopping and I remember being like "Good friends do not use their friends fame to get what they want or talk about how their friends are famous." I went to check out the clothing while they were still shopping and I remember a guy in sunglasses watching me. I figured he knew my friends where their and I hurry and snuck to Joyce and told her to hurry and run outside before they come after them. We all ran outside into the car. A lot of other random things happened after that do not make much sense. It eventually ended in me finding out my mom had a double life this whole time. Apparently I went on Instagram and found the girl she was in a relationship with which was a girl my age that used to go to my school and had some mutual friends. CRAZY