Jason Momoa carbon filter in Bad Batch

Date: 3/12/2017

By gg2316gg

in the dream I was Jason Momoa's character in the new movie "Bad Batch". If you have seen the trailer for the movie you'll know that it's probably very dusty in that environment. I felt like I couldn't breathe well so I asked my helper / assistant to get my carbon filter ready. It was just a small one inch square black carbon filter that I breathe through but I didn't use it as it was we had to repackage it in the factory packaging almost like the size of a Band-Aid box. I remember slipping the filter on some plastic cardboard frame and pushing it into the box and then closing up the box and then I could breathe through the filter in the box and it felt better and I gave the person a thumbs up. I remember taking a deep breath in real life as I slept and then I woke up shortly after.