Town of Death 1: Sick Cabin

Date: 4/24/2017

By Kazuko

I opened the door of a cabin. It was a large, mansion-like building. Well, more of it just had a ton of hallways and such. The woman who owned it I guess was supposed to be a family friend or friend of a friend? I walked in with my boyfriend and a ton of kids who were likely the owner's and her friend's. She also had a large dog, probably a sheep dog or something, I'm not good with dog breeds. Basically the Prince's dog in The Little Mermaid. I walked into the cabin with my elbows bent, hands to my chest with my palms facing the ceiling. I remember crying as I looked at them with my preferal vision. Small leeches clung to my fingers and hands, making me feel myself shiver. "Um.. Do you have any salt? So I can get them to stop sucking?" I kept asking the owner. She continuely ignored me, which made me a bit annoyed. I looked at my boyfriend, whom gave me a sympathetic look before continuing down the hall with me. Once we got to the end, leading to two other halls, right leading to a bedroom and bathroom, left leading to only a children's bathroom. I stood at the end of the center, poking at the leeches before basically ripping them off. I got nervous as I picked the first off, literally freaking out a bit and shaking it off my other hand after. (I've never had leeches on me in real life) The owner of the cabin got angry, telling me to throw them in the trash. I listened. Only after stepping on the one on the floor and squishing it. After picking them all off, I walked back out to find that the little kids had all began to vomit. Like, in the middle of the hallway. All over. My boyfriend covered his mouth, tearing up a bit as I ran to him. Since he couldn't make it to the bathroom, I knelt him where he stood and held his hair back with one hand while rubbing his back with the other. (He has shoulder-length curly hair.) He would glance at me, giving me the saddest look I'd ever seen before turning and vomiting again. I covered my mouth as I felt the gagging urge. Swallowing, I glanced down at the vomit that everyone was producing. It was all the same color-- an off white, almost yellow color.I stood, patting his back and whispering that I was going to the bathroom. Making my way to the left hallway, I found the children's bathroom. It was like a preschool, the toilet and sink being very short and small. Yet, by the sink still stood a little red stool. I got a bit creeped out, not liking it too much. I leaned out of the doorway, looking back at the group. The amount of vomit was growing, and I was starting to smell it from the end of the left hall. I walked into the bathroom again, trying to find anything I could use to help clean up. Nothing. After a bit, I leaned back out. Legit AS I LEANED OUT the gagging stopped. My eyes widened as I seen the hallway. The wooden walls were now yellow striped wallpaper, the green and vomit stained carpet was now purple and blue checkered. My boyfriend, the owner, and all the kids were now gone. The only thing in the hallway was a door at the very end.