The ones with Dobby

Date: 4/27/2019

By Klui_Joesween

This bad guy collects monsters in a pocket dimension and keeps the worst ones in the back with Dobby, his prized possession and sweetest monster. I go in to investigate the dimension with two friends, one who didn’t want to come, and I hide in the dangerous room. I free dobby and he gets me out passed the guards. We jump through the hole and I grab a special key hanging on the wall with my toes just before the hole closes forever with my friends inside. I must go on a journey with dobby and the key to reopen the pocket dimension in hopes that they’re still alive. I attend my grandpa’s memorial where there’s a surplus of food but I cry more for Jessica who didn’t make it out in time than for my grandpa who I’d already mourned. At the end of the memorial I decide to embark on the journey with my brother to save our friends.