Date: 9/1/2019

By BollyMeth33

I wasn’t me in my dream. I was a man who kinda looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger and I have been reading a lot about lucid dreaming, so I decided, as him, I should try to put my fingers through my palm and it worked! (It wasn’t like I expected. I remember thinking it should have slid right through, not hesitated.) And so when I realized I was lucid dreaming I decided that I wanted to fly. I was standing in front of the gate and I started to lift up into the air using the gate guide me higher and I was above this road and I seen two buses coming down the road I decided that I want to get on one and this big net came out of nowhere, I didn’t manifest it, and I grabbed onto it and used it as a sail to guide me to the second bus. Then I was me because the top of the bus had a mesh pattern, and I could see prisoners or something of that nature inside, and I was wearing a dress with no panties and I was worried about them seeing my privates. And then we were at this gas station and I remember I wanted to change the way the atmosphere looked. And I remember having these same thoughts before I went to bed; about exactly how I would change it. And then I decided I wanted the clouds to be pink (in real life I do not like the color pink at all but I knew it felt right in my dream.) So I made the clouds pink and I know I said out loud I wanted the atmosphere to be bathed in glitter. Like every time someone walks they will have sparkles sent all across the universe, just ripple effect waves of glitter. So everything changed immediately the way I wanted it to and I was trying to create this girlfriend for someone and I never was able to. She was never how I pictured her-never as beautiful as she needed to be. So then I went to different part of the dream and it was like a scene from Jenny the teenage robot and I remember this huge explosion and everyone being upset with me, including the principle of the school. I can’t remember much after that. The end. PSA: The reason I THINK it’s lucid is because I’ve never really had a lucid experience and I’m not able to decipher if I was actually lucid or if I was just having a dream about being lucid... if that makes sense. I’ve been reading extensively on going lucid and maybe all of it has caught up to me and my brain is mimicking the effect without me getting the full benefits of the actual act.