shitty insects and flying hamsters

Date: 7/29/2017

By underworldsqueen

I was in my kitchen, talking with my mother, and I wanted to tell her about a thing that I heard that made me feel bad, but when I started talking I saw my sister shaking her head (she knew the thing too and didn't want me to tell) so I just muffled a "never mind" and went in my room where I found various birds and a hamster on the window, they all flew away (yeah the hamster too) and remained just a butterfly. I tried to touch it but it's wings curled up and got bigger transforming in a black and red kite who started flying. I was scared as fuck so I tried to run and away, but then I thought that I wouldn't know anymore where it was, so I grabbed a stick (?) and turn around searching for it since the blinds were now down (they were up before) I went to turn them up and when I put my hand on the string I saw that that shit was on it and I woke up.